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2017 Was a Very Good Year…

2017 in Review: In 2017, David Dekle Law succeeded in helping its clients secure compensation for harms and losses in a number of different areas.  We resolved a case against a Macon hotel that had failed to maintain its bath tubs to Georgia standards required of the hotel industry.  We helped many recover for injuries […]

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On Torts and Texting (while driving)

No, a tort is not a dessert, and this article is not about texting while enjoying your cake and ice cream.  With this, I address the issue of whether texting while driving should entitle an injured party to punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages. The word “tort” is from the French for “wrong” and […]

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Preserving the Evidence

As a personal injury attorney, preservation of the evidence is of the highest importance.  I’ve received telephone calls involving serious injury to person and property involving defective products or dangerous conditions.  Too often, I have had to respectfully decline a case because the defective product or condition was not preserved for inspection by an expert […]

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Why Do I Need UM Coverage?

I am David Dekle, a personal injury attorney practicing in Augusta and all across Georgia.  When I sit down with potential clients for the first time, the weight of the world is on their shoulders, and they need help.  “How am I going pay these bills, recover my lost pay, and get my life back […]

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So What Happens If My Civil Rights Are Violated?

Hello, my name is David Dekle, and I am a personal injury attorney practicing throughout Georgia.  Over the years, I have handled my share of civil rights cases mostly involving prisoners and detainees.  Some have been my most interesting cases and most challenging as well. From time to time, we inter-act with government officials and […]

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Hello & Welcome to My New Website

-by David Dekle of the Law Office of David P. Dekle, P.C. I am pleased to introduce my new and improved website.  I hope you will take a moment to peruse it.  Even if you are not in need of an attorney with my credentials, you may need me one day, or you may know […]

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