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Hello & Welcome to My New Website

-by David Dekle of the Law Office of David P. Dekle, P.C.

I am pleased to introduce my new and improved website.  I hope you will take a moment to peruse it.  Even if you are not in need of an attorney with my credentials, you may need me one day, or you may know someone that needs my help.

I hope this blog finds you well.  It’s been over two years now since I opened my own firm to concentrate my practice on the representation of personal injury and wrongful death victims.  In this short period of time, I have received many blessings and have enjoyed representing some awesome folks who found themselves experiencing really hard times because of an accident that put them out of work and/or caused them to incur overwhelming debt due to needed medical care.

From time to time, I plan to post a blog on a topic of my choosing.  Broadly speaking, the goal will be to provide thought provoking information and helpful tidbits designed to enlighten my readers about personal injury law and related topics in general.  I have learned that many misconceptions exist about our tort law, its purposes, and our rights. If a few of you come away from this site with a better appreciation for our civil justice system, I will be happy.

I hope you will like my business page and return to my site often for future blog posts.