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Product Liability

As technology advances and we continue to put our trust and our lives in the hands of products made in the United States and overseas, we must remember that manufacturers are responsible for the unintended harm caused by the products they produce and put into the stream of commerce with defects.

No one should have to suffer because of a dangerous product.  Whether it is an aerosol can, a coffee pot, or a road tire, the manufacturer has a duty to design it so that it functions consistent with its intended purpose and in a reasonably safe manner.  It has a duty to use materials that are safe and appropriate.  It has a duty to meet a certain level of manufacturing standards and to control the quality of the products it sells.  It must provide adequate warnings and use state of the art designs.

Whether it’s a wrongful death, loss of your home due to fire, amputation, paralysis, or other serious permanent injury, it’s extremely important that you determine your legal rights to compensation for such injuries.  A local attorney is a must because he knows the local court system and judges and understands the communities and juries who will sit in judgment of a manufacturer.  Time is of the essence as well because evidence must be gathered, preserved, and tested.

When injury or death occurs due to the use of a defective product, a product liability case may exist if a defect in design or manufacture is found which proximately caused injury or death. Failure to warn of a particular danger can be a defect for which a company can be liable.  David Dekle has handled products liability cases for manufacturers as a defense attorney and is ready to put his knowledge to work for accident victims who are hurt by the products that they trusted to be safe.

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