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Slip & Fall Injuries

In Georgia, slip, trip, and fall injuries are governed by premises liability law. As a former insurance defense lawyer, David Dekle defended retail establishments in slip and fall cases and understands the law of premises liability. While a business owner is not the insurer of those who enter a premises, that owner does have a duty of ordinary care to keep his premises safe for his invitees. This requires reasonable inspection procedures and the affirmative duty to clean up spills or other dangerous static conditions that may exist on its property.

While invitees have a duty to exercise ordinary care for their own safety, they do not assume the risk of injury caused by dangerous conditions of which they are not aware.Tootla 009

If you have fallen in a grocery store or other retail establishment, you may be entitled to recover if it can be proven that the premises owner knew or should have known of the dangerous condition. Let David Dekle, an experienced trial attorney, evaluate your claim. In these situations, the earlier you retain counsel the better. The owners and occupiers of retail establishments are notorious about failing to preserve evidence. An early consultation enables your attorney to place an adverse party on notice that it should preserve any and all evidence.

Call the law office of David Dekle now for a free consultation regarding your slip and fall case. If you have been seriously injured as a result of a foreign substance on a floor, a tripping hazard or some other dangerous condition, you may be entitled to compensation.  706-922-7460