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Insurance Disputes

Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are notorious for promising the world for your premium but excluding the universe for your claim.  If your insurance company has denied your meritorious claim based on an exclusion in the policy or for any other reason, you should speak with an experienced insurance lawyer who knows the company’s game.

Insurance policies are legal documents that are written by attorneys.  Shouldn’t you have your own attorney fighting for you when you suffer a covered loss?  Insurance policies are full of limitations and exclusions, shortened deadlines, and conditions, all of which are designed to limit payment by the insurance company.

As a former insurance defense attorney, David Dekle has spent years evaluating coverage issues, litigating first party claims, assessing insurance policies, and advising insurance companies about covered claims.  Now, David Dekle is ready to work for policy holders to address issues about insurance coverage.  Whether it is your home owner’s policy, your business’s commercial general liability policy, your automobile liability policy, or your life insurance or disability policy, David Dekle welcomes the opportunity to advise you when your insurance claim is denied.

Let the Law Office of David P. Dekle assist you when your first party claim is denied. Such claims include:

–      Fire Loss and Arson Claims

–      Theft Claims

–      Business Interruption

–      Hail and Wind Damage

–      Water Damage

–      Liability for Third Party Claims

Don’t wait!! Many policies require early reporting and strict compliance with all conditions.

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The Law Office of David Dekle wants to help you get the insurance coverage you paid for.  For more information, or to discuss your claim in a free – no obligation – consultation with a lawyer, contact us online or call 706-922-7460. We serve clients in Augusta, the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA), and throughout Georgia.