Georgia timber damage cases involving trespass and fire damage can be trusted in the hands of David Dekle. Where harvesters wrongfully cross a property boundary and cut timber that did not belong to them, an owner is entitled to recover for the damage to timber cut and carried away.

Timber tracts of any age are valuable investments, and when loss occurs because of someone’s negligence or trespass, a landowner has recourse. Georgia law protects a grower of pulpwood and timber. The measure of damages is dependent upon the type of loss. David Dekle has been around forestry and agriculture all of his life. Before law School, David Dekle obtained a Bachelors of Science in Forest Resources degree from the University of Georgia.

Imagine investing your life and your life savings into land with the dream of growing and harvesting prime saw timber and pulpwood for your retirement or to put your children through college. In a heartbeat, it could be taken away by the stroke of a match or one bad decision to burn on a day when the conditions were not favorable. Or worse, careless loggers who fail to properly mark timber or observe boundary lines could cut your life savings and carry it away without thinking twice.

David Dekle is ready to help aggrieved landowners in the following cases:

  • Negligent Forest Fires
  • Trespass to timber
  • Damage to pulpwood
  • Boundary encroachment
  • Tree damage
  • Negligent controlled burns
  • Property Boundary Disputes

The Law Office of David Dekle can advise you when you suffer damage to your timber investment.  For more information, contact us online or by calling 706-922-7460.