Fighting nursing home abuse

Moving a loved one into a nursing home is difficult and emotional enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about the possibilities of abuse or mistreatment within the facility. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must meet federal and state standards for patient care. However, sometimes the care is so lacking or absent that it rises to the level of abuse. Even more, there are times when intentional abuse occurs by those employed with a skilled nursing facility. Our elderly deserve better, and we must advocate for them. The Civil Justice System allows victims and their families to pursue claims for abuse and seek both compensatory and punitive damages.

A compassionate attorney who will fight for justice

As your attorney, David Dekle will hold nursing homes accountable to the high medical standards required under Georgia law. If you, your spouse, parent or another loved one has suffered abuse in one of these facilities, you deserve answers. Don’t wait! Call the Law Office of David Dekle today for a free consultation: 706-922-7460. David will personally meet with you to learn about your experience with nursing home negligence or abuse and advise you of your rights.

David Dekle is proud to be an Augusta Nursing Home Abuse Attorney, serving Augusta, the CSRA, and throughout the state of Georgia.