Have you suffered a serious injury in a car accident?

Car Accident Injury Attorney
Spinal injuries sustained from car accident.

Serious injuries from car accidents are common in our area. As the anchors of the Central Savannah River Area, the cities of Augusta, Evans, Grovetown and Martinez are all thriving with commerce and activity. With activity comes traffic, and automobile accidents in Columbia and Richmond Counties inevitably occur. Car accident victims can often feel helpless because they are unfamiliar with their rights to fair compensation. Unfortunately, insurers take advantage of this and routinely offer victims less than the full value of their injuries. It is easy to feel pressured to accept whatever is offered without knowing if it is actually fair. This is why you should have an experienced advocate on your side.

David Dekle’s years of experience can help you in negotiating your case. You should never do it alone. Insurance companies employ paid professionals whose sole purpose is to negotiate low settlements. You deserve a professional on your side that is not afraid to fight for fair compensation. It is important to consider the following issues when working to resolve your car wreck case:

What are the extent and permanency of my injuries?

You shouldn’t settle until you know if you have reached maximum medical improvement. David Dekle will ensure that your claim is ripe for resolution. David is ready to advise you on any questions regarding your entitled elements of damages..

Who is responsible for causing the accident?

A qualified personal injury attorney reviews all of the facts and ensures that all avenues of recovery are considered. Furthermore, an at-fault party may have been within the scope of employment, or an automobile may have been defective. David Dekle has the experience to find sources of compensation where there has been negligence, and he understands where to look for additional insurance coverage when that at-fault party’s liability coverage isn’t enough.

What theories of recovery should be asserted?

Every car accident is different and the legal theories of recovery can vary. In addition to negligence, there may be grounds to assert negligent entrustment, gross negligence, punitive damages, loss of consortium, family purpose doctrine, Dram Shop liability, etc.