Railroad crossing accident claims

The number of railroad crossings in Georgia is staggering. For-profit railroad companies travel through our towns delivering chemicals, coal, and other materials. They must give adequate warning of their approach regardless of whether it has flashing lights and a gate or simply a cross-buck. Federal law governs the speed of trains upon a particular class of track. Railroad engineers must sound their warning devices in an appropriate manner at the appropriate time. Further, railroads must maintain their rights of way and ensure that the traveling public’s view is not obstructed.

When someone is injured on railroad property, the railroad will have its attorneys and investigators on the scene immediately. Don’t wait to have your attorney on the case working for you. Photographs of the scene, eye witnesses, whistle witnesses, and other evidence are critical to a successful case. You should not have to rely solely upon what the railroad’s lawyers gathered to support their clients’ defenses.

As a defense lawyer, David Dekle once defended railroad crossing cases and knows how aggressive railroad companies can be in litigation. With this background, David Dekle is ready to put that knowledge to work for injured victims who suffer automobile train collisions caused by the negligence of the railroad.

Blind crossings with no gates or lights are particularly dangerous, as well as crossings in rural areas with multiple tracks. Despite the responsibilities to do so, railroads fail to clear their rights of way causing obstructions to unsuspecting motorists. Railroads must exercise ordinary care not to cause harm to the traveling public. Let David Dekle investigate your railroad crossing accident claim and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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